The People´s Kitchen

Looking for new targets for the photo project, I have ended up finding these chaps…

The People´s Kitchen: The Story So Far…

People’s Kitchen was set up in late 2010 by Steve Wilson, with a grant of £2,000. This bought all our equipment, (including an oven and hobs) and a little time to get the idea established.
Over the years we have grown through word of mouth to 6-8 core members who know the full running of the Sunday Feasts. Every Sunday for 4 years we ran our community feasts at Passing Clouds in Dalston, transforming the dance floor into a kitchen, and helping volunteers cook a dishes for 30-100 guests, on a dinner by donation basis.  People like you would arrive at 2.30pm to help peel, chop and cook, or at 6pm to eat, and tidy up afterwards. Most Sundays 8 to 20 volunteers would turn up from different parts of London,and further afield, to help make a Buffet Banquet from food waste.

More info in the documentary below:

The People´s Kitchen

Worth spending 20 minutes on the video…


(not everything on the market is for sale…)

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