Laura, IRMO

“There is not hope, but continuous struggle” by David Cooper- this is one of the premises that enlightens Laura Villegas’ work; she is a Colombian lawyer and a teacher who has been living in London since 1998.

Laura has gone through an educational process within the popular struggles in the UK where she has been involved for the past 20 years. This proximity to her as a political person and to the struggles has positioned her as a vanguard within her community.

Laura works at the Indoamerican Refugee and Migrant Organisation as a legal adviser in immigration matters. On her day to day work, Laura finds in people a shared hope and resilience to keep walking towards her utopia of having a world that is borderless. Laura is also a painter who passes her knowledge to the younger children of IRMO.

Her outstanding contribution to her community has made her achieve the Community Worker of the year award by The Lukas Awards 2015.

Laura, cheerful and full of vitality.

Laura, cheerful and full of vitality.

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